Facilities Planning Information - Recruitment and Retention

When potential residents are choosing a community to raise a family, the quality of local schools is a crucial part of their decision. Achievements in academics and activities are not enough; they see facilities as a reflection of a community’s investment in education. 

With baby boomers retiring and teachers leaving the profession, the number of available teachers is declining while demand continues to climb. Staff positions are even more difficult to fill: Bus drivers, maintenance staff, food service staff, and paraeducators to name a few.  

The Board is considering projections which suggest that the demand for teachers will increase over the next decades while the supply decreases. This means we need to be well positioned to recruit and retain high quality teachers in a very competitive market. 

One consideration is that having fewer buildings to maintain could assist with keeping the buildings fully staffed, as well as be a source of funds for raising pay.  

Retention and recruitment is just one factor in a complex facilities puzzle. Learn more about the challenges to consider, and complete the survey to provide your input: 418facilitiesplanning.com

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